Where to play

Registered Victorian Foosball Clubs

South East Foosball

South East Foosball is the newest club on the scene and the only to have ever opened in Melbourne’s south. Based in the BB8 Billiards Club in Glen Waverley it’s very central and right next to the train station. They play on an ITSF competition standard Fireball table and meet up every Tuesday evening.

For meet up times visit the Foosball Victoria Facebook page. www.facebook.com/FoosballVictoria

Foosball Melbourne

Melbourne Foosball

The official foosball club of Melbourne’s city centre is based in the underground bar in Games Laboratory. The club meet up every Friday evening to play social singles and doubles comps. They play on an ITSF competition standard Fireball table and have players of all abilities, from some of Australia’s top seeded players to complete newcomers.

For more information and meet up times visit their Facebook page. www.facebook.com/FoosballVictoria


New Clubs

If you current run a foosball club in Victoria and are interested in joining the ITSF system to have your results and rankings recorded with Foosball Australia and your players ranked for Nationals tournaments contact us to find out more.

Melbourne’s foosball tables

It can be difficult to locate a foosball table in Melbourne so we have positioned the venues that we know of on the map along with a short description of the table. If you know of any other venues in Melbourne or Victoria send us a message via our contact form and we’ll get it added to the map. Please be aware we only frequent the official clubs and other venues add and remove tables all the time so the data might not be fully accurate.